Multimedia: Midtown Pedicab Boss Rides On Leaky Tires

For my course, Digital Media Newsroom, a team mate and I had to profile a small-business owner in New York for a semester. Gregg Zukowski, owner of Revolution Rickshaws, was our profiled character. In the course of reporting, we produced a text piece, audio slideshows, Google Maps, Flash and videos for the story, some of which can be found on the website, “The Big Hurt.”

The published work consists a text piece (of which I was the main writer), an audio slideshow (which I took photos for and produced) and a video. As a classroom assignment that did not end up published, I also took photos for, and produced another audio slideshow that involved another pedicab-rental business owner.

The story is part of “The Big Hurt” website, and can be found here.

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